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Finding Pizza Hut coupons can easily be done by doing a quick search through the Internet. Nowadays, Pizza Hut and many establishments use these coupons to promote and gain more people to try out their products.

This marketing strategy was proven to be very effective as people loved that they can enjoy their favorite foods while availing additional discounts.

Pizza Hut At The Beginning

In June 15, 1958, Pizza Hut was founded in Wichita, Kansas by brothers Frank and Dan Carney. During that time, pizza parlors were quite rare which is why when a friend of the brothers suggested that opening a pizza parlor will be a great idea, Frank and Dan Carney wasted no time and borrowed $600 from their mother to open and start their own pizza brand. The brothers partnered with john Bender and rented a small building in downtown Wichita for their first store.

pizza hut couponsDue to limited capital, they have bought second hand pizza equipments to begin with. As part of their marketing strategy, they gave out free pizzas during opening night to let the community have a taste of their pizzas. After only a year, the first Pizza Hut franchise was opened in Topeka by Dick Hassur.

Business Strategies

Before the dawn of the Pizza Hut coupon, the company first started to market their brand by introducing their “Putt Putt to the Pizza Hut” campaign. Apparently, it started with a man who was driving with a 1965 Mustang Jr and orders take-away pizza. People started to follow him to his house and ate pizzas while leaving the man frustrated for not being able to eat any.

The company has also sponsored the popular movie in 1989, Back to the Future Part II, and gave out free “Solar Shades” with every purchase of a Pizza. The brand was also featured in the movie during the McFly’s family dinner scene as well as a futuristic storefront in the 2015 timeframe of Hill Valley.

In 1990, The Company partnered with the NES game Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game. The game came out with free Pizza Hut Online Coupons as well as numerous advertisements in the game itself.

It is no doubt that Pizza Hut is the largest pizza company in the whole world. In 2012, the company has opened about 6,000 branches in the United States alone and 5,139 in 94 different countries around the world. The company does not only offer pizza, they also have various side dishes including salads, breadsticks, pastas, garlic bread and Buffalo wings.

If you are looking for Pizza Hut coupons, you can find one in various coupons website or you may also register through Pizza Hut’s official website. You may also find some coupons through magazines and local news papers. There are various types of coupons available, some may give you a discount on a certain meal, while there are also coupons that gives you a discount percentage on everything you will buy.

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